ll History and Mission

History and Mission

The Lebanese Society for the Mathematical Sciences LSMS was founded in July 2008 under the decree n.12875, dated 29-09-2008 , following a legal initiative from Dr. Fouad El Zein. As a consequence, a General Assembly of thirty members met on July 16, 2009 at AUB Center for Advanced Mathematical Sciences (CAMS). It led to the election of the Society's first Bureau. The mission of the LSMS is to gather the large community of Lebanese Mathematical Scientists in Lebanon and in the Diaspora. These objectives shall be reached through the following initiatives:

  1. Strengthening the links between Mathematical Scientists in Lebanon and the Diaspora through various activities such as, non exhaustively: Scientific Meetings, Summer Schools, appropriate assistance to Lebanese students in order to engage them in Education and Research Programs in Lebanon and abroad.
  2. Establishing sustainable cooperations with universities and government organisations, particularly the Lebanese National Council for Scientific Research (L-NCSR) and also with the professional sectors, particularly banking and Industry.
  3. Establishing sustainable relationships with similar Societies and Associations in countries of the Region, and abroad, in particular those within the Euro-Mediterranean and American spaces, in order to renew the flow of new young mathematicians to universities in Lebanon.
  4. Enhancing the Publication process in high quality Mathematical Sciences Journals, for members of the Society, particularly for the young generation. This is done by seeking appropriate refereeing mechanisms through existing contacts held experienced members of the Society.
  5. Publishing on a regular basis its own review and whenever feasible, the LSMS will also attempt publishing its own journal.
  6. Organizing festivals and competitions for gifted young Lebanese children at schools and if feasible, participation in international Olympiads for students at the secondary level.